10 Things You Need To Know About Gambit

Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men. Here are 10 Things You Need To Know About Gambit

10 Things You Need To Know About Gambit

Fact 1

Remy Etienne LeBeau debuted as Gambit in Uncanny X-Men #266 in 1990. The story was called Gambit: Out of the Frying Pan. 

Fact 2

Remy is a mutant who can convert the energy of inorganic materials into explosive kinetic energy. Basically, he can make inorganic material explode. Gambit has two other powers that aren’t as well-known. He has heightened agility and he is naturally persuasive. 

Fact 3

He’s nicknamed the Cajun. 

Gambit Fact: He’s nicknamed the Cajun

Fact 4

Gambit’s weapon of choice is a deck of cards. Although it is harmless in the hands of anyone else, to Gambit, it is 52 bombs that he can fit in his pocket. 

Fact 5

Many readers assume Gambit is French. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Fact 6

Gambit was meant to be Cyclops’ long-lost brother. 

Fact 7

Most mutants have a physical abnormality. Gambit’s distinctive physical trait is his black and red eyes. Gambit was abandoned as a baby due to his devilish-looking eyes. 

Fact 8

Gambit was raised by the Thieves Guild. This group’s rival was The Assassins Guild. Gambit believed he could end the feud by marrying the granddaughter of the Assassins Guild’s leader, Belladonna. However, Gambit accidentally killed Belladonna’s brother in a duel and became an enemy to both factions. 

X-Men Origins: Gambit #1 (2009) 

Fact 9

He can speak Japanese. Remy is in love with the X-Man, Rogue. 

Gambit Fact: Remy and his lover, Rogue

Fact 10

Rogue is a mutant with the power to drain the life energy of anyone she touches. Although she and Gambit have been in a relationship, they can’t touch each other or Rogue will kill him.

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