Interesting facts about Leo zodiac

Leo is the fifth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Lion. Interesting facts about Leo that is they love to be in the limelight, which is why many of them make a career in the performing arts. Below are 100 interesting facts about Leo man and woman personality.

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80 Facts about Leo personality

Facts 1: Whether you agree with them or not, a Leo will always take a stand even when everyone else runs like a coward

facts about Leo 1

Facts 2: A Leo worries more than you may think, especially about their loved ones. They really care and stuff.

Facts 3: Leo can read others’ intentions discreetly and usually with accuracy.

Facts 4: If a Leo wants you, you will be their prey. Trust me. They’ll get you.

Facts 5: Leos really don’t ever grow up. They always have childish side to them

facts about Leo 5

Facts 6: Leo is a great friend because they often defend those who can’t defend themselves

Facts 7: When hurt, they prefer to suffer in private in the comfort of their own home.

Facts 8: Confident on the outside but sensitive on the inside. They will never let you see them break mentally or physically

Facts 9: As a Leo you’re so good at making other people happy, but when it comes to your own happiness you seem to neglect it.

Facts 10: Leo when they’re pissed at you: I love you and all but fuck you right now seriously.

facts about Leo 10

Facts 11: If you date a Leo, loyalty and love are basically guaranteed. You’ll never have to question where they stand.

Facts 12: Their eyes: They have strong and admirable eyes. You will never experience as much confidence in the eyes of any other sign.

Facts 13: A Leo mentality: I dare you to find someone who loves you more than I do.

Facts 14: Leo can be very nasty when forced to deal with people they don’t like. never force them to associate with people they hate

Facts 15: If you date a Leo, loyalty, and love are basically guaranteed. you’ll never have to question where they stand

facts about Leo 15

Facts 16: Leo is not called the “Lion” for no reason. They protect their own, can hold their own… and will be respected.

Facts 17: Something a Leo cares too much about something unhealthy and it destroys them.

Facts 18: Leos don’t even have to try hard to get you laughing, they say some of the most random things.

Facts 19: A Leo’s mind will always be 10 steps ahead of yours

Facts 20: They don’t want anyone to know they are suffering and won’t talk about it unless you bring it up first.

facts about Leo 20

Facts 21: Leos may be friendly, but know that they are watching every nuance, every glance, and taking notes of who is safe and who isn’t.

Facts 22: Leave it to Leo to have a strong opinion about the things they despise. whereas some people may keep their dislikes hidden inside, Leo has no problem being vocal about the things they can’t stand

Facts 23: Leo dressed in their own style. They do not follow fashion. They make fashion.

Facts 24: A Leo’s biggest asset is also their biggest weakness.. their heart.

Facts 25: When all else fails, Leo turns on their favorite tunes and says “fuck it”.

Facts 26: Leo is sometimes attracted to people and you can’t see why. they see a different side to people.

Facts 27: Leo often feels “alone” in life. And when not doing things of purpose, they can become very melancholy or stressed.

Facts 28: The great thing about Leo is that they know how to be soft and tender when they need to be… and straight-up hardcore when they need to be.

Facts 29: A Leo can decide quickly if they like someone or not, if they don’t like you then there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Facts 30: One thing a Leo does well remembers small details, especially if they were hurt behind the situation. you may have forgotten, but they didn’t.

Facts 31: Leo is often misunderstood because of their lack of outward emotions.

Facts 32: Leo tends to have different personalities. They can be very outgoing, funny, and boisterous one minute then turn around and become antisocial, shy, and moody.

Facts 33: Leo falls too hard and too damn fast sometimes. They’ll give you the world, but when you break their heart, it’s hell to pay.

Facts 34: When a Leo feels left out or uninformed about something, they take it very personally.

Facts 35: What makes a Leo sad: Not having their efforts recognized

Facts 36: Playing mind games with Leo is the biggest mistake you could make. They won’t get jealous, They will just replace you.

Facts 37: You have to be really close to a Leo for them to just open up because they don’t just blurt things out.

Facts 38: Even though Leo’s are known for their confidence, they often feel vulnerable on the inside.

Facts 39: One thing a Leo doesn’t like is someone who can’t mind their business and start throwing out assumptions with no clue about what’s going on.

Facts 40: Once a Leo has their heart set on something, don’t even try to intervene. there is no point

Facts 41: Once a Leo has their heart set on something, don’t even try to intervene. there is no point

Facts 42: Something Leo has a hard time doing: Showing vulnerability.

Facts 43: An upset Leo is often more mad at themselves for believing your stupid ass.

Facts 44: Leo will not tell you if they are mad at you, but will act very moody to show you instead.

Facts 45: Leos worry because they care. When they stop worrying… than they really don’t give a damn.

Facts 46: Leo’s Volume can get a bit high at times, especially when overly excited.

Facts 47: Leo is big on communication. If they can’t talk to you (even if they have to vent a little), it feels like a major disconnection.

Facts 48: Leos are prone to short-lived depressive moods and bouts of anger that may come out of nowhere.

Facts 49: Very few can handle a Leo

Facts 50: Leo tends to hold onto love or damaged relationships a lot longer than they should… they hate just giving up on certain people.

Facts 51: A Leo may be a sign of a tough person but a Leo can get hurt easily. They get upset over little things.

Facts 52: Leo is a flirt from time to time, but Leo’s heart is always loyal to one

Facts 53: A Leo will never beg for you to stay. If they have to keep fighting for your attention, then they don’t need you.

Facts 54: Leo does not always plan their next move. They are not always logical but act based on emotions.

Facts 55: Leo’s greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say they couldn’t do.

Facts 56: You don’t want to tell Leo to leave because they will leave and they won’t come back. Reverse psychology doesn’t work on them.

Facts 57: Leo is usually a ball of energy and good spirits but they can easily feel their world has come crashing down over one particular situation. It overwhelms them.

Facts 58: Leo level of sarcasm is to a point where they don’t even know if they’re kidding or not.

Facts 59: Leo may love people but they also love alone time, so give them space.

Facts 60: Leo will not put any effort into something that they think it will not work and waste their energy.

Facts 61: As long as you’re giving too, a Leo will give give give give & not get tired of it!

Facts 62: Leo doesn’t care if you’re black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich, or poor. If you’re nice to them, they’ll be.

Facts 63: Leo never gives up on things they want most easily. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s even more difficult to regret.

Facts 64: Leos don’t like to share the loving person which belongs to them.

Facts 65: Leo can show their disappointment in you without using words.

Facts 66: Leo thinks about “Us” a lot. Even when “Us” doesn’t exist.

Facts 67: Don’t waste Leo’s time. They don’t know how much God gave them.

Facts 68: A Leo can get away with murder with their charm and smile.

Facts 69: Leo’s can spot bullshit from miles away. Don’t lie to them.

Facts 70: Leo possesses a natural generosity that allows them to not think twice about lending a helping hand, especially if they care about you.

Facts 71: Hiding things from Leo isn’t a great idea, they are great at investigating things that seem to be wrong.

Facts 72: Leos can turn from the sweetest person on earth to the rudest and heartless in just a blink of an eye if you screw them over.

Facts 73: Things Leo won’t tolerate: Someone pretending like they care when they really don’t.

Facts 74: The more a Leo knows you, the more they can predict your every move and reaction.

Facts 75: A Leo is one of the toughest people you will have ever come across with the biggest heart.

Facts 76: Leos never have a problem loving others, but deep down they can never find someone that will love them the same way.

Facts 77: Leo can’t stand cheaters. They’re loyal lovers and expect the same in return.

Facts 78: When hurt, they prefer to suffer in private in the comfort of their own home.

Facts 79: Leo can always be trusted.

Facts 80: They’re not as forgiving as you may think once the damage is done, it’s hard for them to go back.

Facts about Leo man

Facts 1: They are outgoing people and can make friends quickly and easily. This characteristic attracts large number of women, given that Leo men are very communicative people. They also love to flirt.

Facts 2: They love to be the center of attention in everything they do in life. Leos love to be praised all the time, which sometimes can be a negative trait.

Facts 3: Most Leo men are very determined in life. If they love a woman and want to be with her, they will make a commitment

Facts 4: If you want to attract the attention of the Leo men, the best you can do is to shower them with praises and compliments on their looks, talents and their sense of humor. They love compliments, but only when they’re sincere.

Facts 5: Leo men don’t like to be told what they should do and how they should do it. Hence, if you are to instruct them, be polite and kind.

Facts 6: They are optimistic in any life situation. That’s why you’ll never see them sad or depressed.

Facts 7: Leo men are good at making important decisions and they do not think much before making a decision.

Facts 8: Leo man likes to spend time with family and friends. At the same time, they like to have their personal space, even when they are in a relationship. They are very independent in everything they do in life.

Facts 9: Leo man can be very egoistic sometimes and this is a negative trait that most of them have.

Facts 10: More than anything Leo needs a partner who makes them feel appreciated and surprise them with little gifts every now and then.

Facts 11: He’s a sweet talker with a charming sense of humor, he may not always think so but he knows how to turn it on; he gives good, sound advice…sometimes a little too much; he’s courageous and will defend himself & others; in love, he requires lots of attention because he likes to feel wanted; he’s shyer and more sensitive than he portrays

Facts 12: Strong and affectionate with a magnetic personality; tends to be generous; attracted to beauty in all forms; loves being adored and acknowledged; google sexual appetite; likes to keep his romantic options open; can be quite flirty; pretty ambitious

Facts 13: Leo man likes a woman who can handle him and put him in his place from time to time.

Facts 14: Leo man loves to take charge, outgoing & versatile, passionate lover, takes pride in his appearance, says what’s on his mind.

Facts 15: Leo man’s very charismatic and a known sweet taker; he likes to be humorous; he can be either really big in personality or extremely shy…either way, he likes to talk about himself; he must be listened to; he requires a lot of attention in love; he’ll show courage no matter what; he’ll give great advice; he likes to see others reactions to the things he does.

Facts about Leo woman

Fact 1: Leo women worry because they care. when they stop worrying.. then they really don’t give a damn.

Fact 2: Leo women are passionate, loving, romantic, and generous. They seek a mate who shams those very same

Fact 3: A Leo woman’s open-minded but doesn’t let people get close to her that easily.

Fact 4: A Leo woman expects her partner to be a real man. They tire easily of man-boys.

Fact 5: A Leo woman loves her hair like a lion loves its mane.

Fact 6: She attracts attention everywhere she goes so you have to be the type of guy to never be insecure but be happy you got her.

Fact 7: Leo women are very PERSISTENT when they want you

Fact 8: Leo women quietly passionate about many things; demands her respect, love seeker, flirtatious, creative, and stylish.

Fact 9: She has a big heart. She always thinks about other people needs before her own

Fact 10: The Leo woman is attracted to a strong person, someone that challenges them, and someone that stands out. Give her praise and adoration. When it comes to a Leo woman, a compliment can never go far! Compliment her on anything and everything! Don’t hide your emotions, and be straight-forward and honest with her. It may even be as simple as going up and telling her that you like her

Fact 11: Leo woman is perfect for the man who is affectionate and has a strong character, but not too controlling.

Fact 12: Leo women are the queens of the Zodiac.

Fact 13: Leo women need a partner who is passionate about everything in life and who strives for the best – because she does too.

Fact 14: A Leo woman expects her partner to be a real man. They tire easily of man-boys.

Fact 15: Her heart of gold radiates when you really get to know her; outwardly she is more confident than she tends to be on the inside; she’s snappy when in a bad mood; she likes to spend money, even when she shouldn’t; she worries a lot; she will support you if she loves you; the only real attention she needs is that of the special people in her life

Fact 16: All man love woman and all woman wanna be a Leo

Fact 17:  The main attributes of Leos are that they are strong-willed, faithful, and spread positive aura all around! Areca Palms and Monstera are tropical plants that represent fire just like in Leos. As Leos spread happiness where they go, Sunflowers are the best flowers that represent this nature of them. So Leo fits well with the following plants and flower:

Areca Palm
Monstera Split
Sun Flower

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  1. All of this is Hogwash about a Leo. They Cheat just like any other man. They’re Cruel and Evil. They will also Stab You In the Back. They are also Disloyal. The Leo Man is not half the good things said about them. I’ve Dated one. Worst Individual I’ve ever met in my life.

    • Then you definitely weren’t worth it, sweets, and he could smell that a mile away. Dogging every Leo man just because you got burned is simpering and unattractive. I’m sincerely apologetic that he hurt you this badly, but as everyone is an individual, it’d be really awkward and unrealistic to assume that Every single Leo, Every single time is going to carry all the above listed traits. I know that it offends, but the fact is, either he was a scumbag cad or you need some internal looks, because your negativity is worse than a bucket of ice cold water dropped down the pants. Besides, you contradicted yourself there, eh? You kept saying “They”, as if it is all of us Leo men who are horrible, but then finished off with “Individual” – lots of obvious projection going on there. Move on and heal up – find someone that doesn’t make you feel it necessary to drop buckets of ice water down our pants. Best wishes.

    • …Im a leo and im none of what you said. matter of fact I relate more to this article than your bullshit talk. So please keep it to yourself.

      • THANK YOU Micah Rion, SJ, and Toni! As a Leo girl, I do apologize, but sometimes (please don’t take offense) Zodiac descriptions can be wrong. GASP! I know. But please don’t try to shame us because of ONE person. There are 6.885 billion people alive right now, and you have dated ONE man. Sure we are Leos and we relate to some of the facts in this article (for me, all of it), but we are also individuals with separate faults. Take some chill pills, stop being a whiny stereotyping bitch, and stop describing all Leos to be like that. Thanks.

      • im a Leo and these comments are untrue

        sorry to all leos for those mean moments

    • i don’t believe any of the bullshit you say and i’m a Leo girl. so keep all that bullshit bitchiness to yourself cause all the Leos I’ve met are very amazing. And i believe all of those facts. BTW YOU NEED TO MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!!

    • Stephanie Gomez

      gtfo ur ass may not have treated his ass right plus u may be jealous u ain’t a Leo and that he left ur ugly ass for someone better, Beautiful than u!!!! Periodttt💅🏼

    • Ur head…. It seems ur a great nonsense…
      U have hurted leo… That’s why Leo found ur unfit

    • Why did you capitalize things that you didnt need to?

    • Damn I can even sense your bullshit through the internet. That’s pretty pathetic if you ask me.

    • Wtf, keep rude comments to your fucking self motherfucker, and don’t disrespect My Leo family, you got it stupid bitch? Okay good.

    • Is you being rude much and do not judge leo like that i bet your zodiac is worse then leo you probaly just jealous you aint a leo yourself

    • I’m a leo and the whole leo’s want the spotlight thing is a lie about me i absolutely hate being in the spotlight but majority of the traits fit me signs are not just lies and you might’ve done something to make that leo think that your a lier and someone that a leo knows is not who they need to be around your unlucky but you might’ve deserved it otherwise.

    • thats is not true

    • no u little @#$%?

    • im a leo and that’s not true i have a leo girlfrind,yeah i’m lesbian! and leo men and women have baslicly the same personality just men are more manly and women are more feminin

    • Honestly, Guy leos aren’t that bad. Almost everything that this person made in this website is true is right about me. I’m a leo and everyone thinks i love attention when I really don’t half the time i just want to be left the f!@# alone, especially whenever i’m watching a t.v show on netflix. Btw i’ve also dated a leo and they are the most sweetest people i have ever met.

    • Nathan Rogers Jr.


    • ummm i am a leo and i will never stab someone with a stick cuz thats cruel this is so wrong…

    • Everyone is different im a leo my father is a leo and my dad would NEVER cheat and I mean NEVER Ps-if he did i would not trust him at all and I would know very fast

  2. Nice! Leo’s are quite powerful, determined, hot-tempered and a mix of both fighters and royalty.

  3. This is so amazing! I find all so true. 🙂

  4. 11 and 15 are the same!

  5. 11 and 15 say the same thing!

  6. I agree the above facts are truly correct about leo…

  7. Wow almost all the facts of personality and about leo men were true

  8. yeah the leo has to really like you to purr for you:)

  9. A bunch of egological bullshit, Leo your scorned for life. Yes your attractive, your eyes are like the beauty of the sky but the attitude… I’ve never met a person as narcissistic as a Leo, man or woman if your biggest trait is your hart use it not your ego because I’m sorry we all know your just fooling yourself having any empathy for anyone other then yourself, what a joke! Lesson learned!

      • Look, in a leo’s defence, they are not as egotistical as you make them out to be. Different people see leo’s differently. For me as a Leo, I’ve had a lot of people call me an attention whore, or narcissistic, or so full of herself, when I’m not. I’m only confident in what I’m good at and worked hard to get that skill. All the things I say about me being absoulutely beautiful and a master at everything are only said as a joke. I truly do not feel that way.

        There are so many friends I have who call me funny instead of narcissistic, confident and bold instead of full of herself, and someone who just needs comfort rather than just being an attention whore.

        So as I’ve said, different people see Leo’s in a different heart. There most definitely could be many Leo’s who are narcissistic. but that’s their own fault as a person and does not apply to all Leo’s. Maybe you just need to understand a Leo’s point of view more, and maybe not see everything as negative but as them trying to make everyone else’s life better.

        Unless you’ve done something to anger a Leo, because then, you’re in a hell of a ride.

        • Leos just like to make people happy and make the world shine. Some people who prefer the dark will consider that ‘narcissistic (I’m looking at you, scorpios). But we just like to entertain and cheerlead everyone. There’s way too much darkness in the world. We have extra sunshine and we like to share it out.

    • dammmmm whys everyone coming for leos

    • Your not a Leo so you can’t speak for us. You met ONE Leo that was extremely narcissistic. So what? Not every Leo is like that. I’ve met some Leos who don’t even talk about them selves AT ALL. I think you need to sort out your facts and grow up. XD

  10. lol these are all sooooooooooooooooooooo true i should know bc i am a leo <3

  11. Truest thing I’ve ever read I’m a Leo myself and all this is me

  12. As a Leo girl, I do apologize, but sometimes (please don’t take offense) Zodiac descriptions can be wrong. GASP! I know. But please don’t try to shame us because of ONE person. There are 6.885 billion people alive right now, and you have met a couple Leos. Sure we can be proud and insensitive sometimes, but we are also individuals with separate faults and good attributes. Most people in the world and that includes Leos, try to be nice and empathetic, and some people don’t express it in a proper way or can just be stuck up assholes. Take some chill pills, stop being a stereotyping bitch, and describing all Leos to be like that. Thanks.

  13. I’m a Leo and I think this actually matches my behavioural traits… But ignores my emotional aspect well if you’re a Leo {females especially} you can chat me up on WhatsApp @08172890019… I’m 15 tho

  14. Awesome… Amazing…

    Lol all facts are 100% real ✌✌✌✌

  15. so fuckin trueeee omg

  16. those are the coolest behaviours i av ever noticed abt me!!! my bf guessed me right.

  17. I can relate to all of this and this is so accurate! Your page is amazing!

  18. I am like, SOOOO for dis

  19. my gf red this and says “i wont lie to you cuz now im scared.” # LOL

  20. i am a Leo and everything on here is actually how i am and i thank the person who made this you helped me find myself.

  21. im a leo and that’s not true i have a leo girlfrind,yeah i’m lesbian! and leo men and women have baslicly the same personality just men are more manly and women are more feminin

  22. I can not say anything good about my self ever i think its like bragging Facts 9: As a leo you’re so good at making other people happy, but when it comes to your own happiness you seem to neglect it.

    I can not get to close to people because this happened before Facts 17: Something a leo cares too much about something unhealthy and it destroys them.

    this is true to me my friends notice it to Facts 20: They don’t want anyone to know they are suffering and won’t talk about it unless you bring it up first.

  23. Are all of you people teenagers or just really fucking stupid adults? I’m a leo, woman, 31, and a lesbian. Most of these facts apply to me. One thing i can say for sure is that leos cannot stand grammatically incorrect people. Before one of you ignorant children tell me i’m wrong and leos are not represented correctly in this list, notice i said most of these facts apply to me, a leo, i don’t speak for all of them, just myself. As a leo, i’m happy when those i care about are happy and i (as a leo) enjoy intellectually stimulating conversation. That isn’t happening here on these comments, for sure. So if any of you are pining after a leo, you may want to increase your intelligence quotient Otherwise just give up, we are repulsed by stupidity and ignorance. Pick up a textbook, brush up on your grammar, learn the difference between speculation and fact, then you can go ahead and state your opinion. Until then, do yourself a favor, save yourself the embarrassment and just stop talking. Good lord, the representation of idiocy in this thread of comments is superb and hysterical.

  24. You really messed up XD You thought you could go here comment that crap and get away with it? I wish you the best, and hope you grow up XD

  25. I am a Leo man and I am 35. Had plenty of relationships where the person truly thought of me as egotistical and narcisistic. But in reality I am just much more independent that they can handle and often times being interested in a Leo you have to make the first move in the direction that shows us you care because if we show you we care and don’t get what we want in return, we just become indifferent and tend to move on fast. That seems to bother most other signs. I cheated on my first wife and that was after she stopped having sex with me for no apparent reason than I just don’t feel like it after we had a baby for 2 years. Of course having a great big heart I regreted it and told her everything which led to a big split and to my surprise a humongous relief since now I did not have to drag anyone along and only do what I want. Another trait of a Leo man is to feel free to do what we want when we want it and not feel judged or held back. After a couple of years I started dating my current wife and we have been together for 8 years and that woman who is a Libra by the way has understood me from beginning and that is the reason I have never ever felt like I wanted to hurt her in any way and she has been my angel and my best friend since day one. We have 5 kids and I do and will always do everything in my power to show her my love and appreciation. If you treat a Leo right and give him space to be himself with no judgement, he will give you not only the world, but himself too.

    • I’m a leo and stuff and this stuff all applies to me but fucking zodiac signs are the dumbest shit ever. It says u are most compatible with someone and least compatible with someone else. That’s bullshit. Be with whoever u want. I’ve been dating someone for 5 years and she is a Taurus with apparently I should not get along with. Love who u are not what they say you are. Love other for who they are not for what they say she is. Don’t listen to society but your heart. U make your own personality and your own life, so screw whoever says who you are

  26. Not all the facts about zodiac signs are true about each person, everyone is there one person and can be different from the traits of there zodiac sign.
    I am a leo and i see all these comments and are just really mad at the hate comments i mean those things don’t need to be said because the person who wrote this article probably took a lot of time making it and you should not just hate on them

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