Interesting facts about libra zodiac

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. They are independent, they have the intelligence and the full capability within but would a Libra rather co-exist/depend on others. Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. There are 80 facts about libra, that help you more understand about them!

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80 Interesting facts about libra personality

Facts 1: It always seems impossible until it’s done by Libra.

Facts about Libra 1

Facts 2: Libra hate texting first, it makes them feel like they are annoying.

Facts 3: Libra often alternate between being totally busy to just wanting to sleep all day.

Facts 4: Libra are always full of surprises.

Facts 5: Libra keep their heels, head, and standards high but middle finger even higher.

Facts about Libra 5

Facts 6: Libra are inclined to distance themselves from…their emotions.

Facts 7: Don’t cheat on Libra that give you their entire world.

Facts 8: As Libra when in a bad mood you come across as aggressive.

Facts 9: Libra : Always being able to see both sides of a story but unable to pick a side themselves.

Facts 10: Libra always clear the way for better things to come so that they don’t hesitate to get rid of negative people.

Facts about Libra 10

Facts 11: Fast replies make #Libra think that you actually wanna talk to them.

Facts 12: Question that Libra often ask themselves: Why Do I keep trying when it seems like other person…

simply don’t care at all.

Facts 13: Libra are not rude, they are honest.

Facts 14: Libra have the sense of adventure, they always know the places that they want to go to.

Facts 15: Libra Best Comforting Food : Potato chips

libra facts 15

Facts 16: Libra only get stubborn when people don’t take them seriously.

Facts 17: Most Libras are confident they can satisfy you…and they do.

Facts 18: Libra has one friend who always gives relationship advice but is still single.

Facts 19: Libra will never get into trouble for lying, it’s their…honesty that invite troubles.

Facts 20: Active folks that stay busy and productive are a perfect match for sometimes too laid-back Libra.

libra facts 20

Facts 21: Libra are shy until you get to know them.

Facts 22: If Libra are reading old conversations, they are missing that person.

Facts 23: Libra drive to gain control, recognition and respect is dominant.

Facts 24: Libra are adaptable.

Facts 25: Libra can hold grudges for years at a time.

Facts 26: Libras are intelligent and love to debate. Expect arguments about anything and everything.

Facts 27: Libra are musically driven and inspired. They must have music playing everywhere they go.

Facts 28: Being a loser is not in Libra game plan.

Facts 29: Libra Most Suitable Dessert : Bread pudding

Facts 30: Libras know immediately when someone has foul intent or is using them, but may wait to see how far

they go.
Facts 31: Give a Libra exciting projects to work with and they will never refuse it.

Facts 32: Libra can always be counted on to give a well thought out opinion.

Facts 33: Libra only assume when shit looks obvious.

Facts 34: In relationship with Libra : You can touch each other but not each other’s phones.

Facts 35: Libra understand human nature the way no one else does.

Facts 36: Things your #Libra friend will say : I’ll support you till the end.

Facts 37: Libras are great lovers who can satisfy your dirty needs.

Facts 38: Libras like bouncing ideas off those we’re close with, but the final say is completely up to us!

Facts 39: Libra get irritated by people who can’t see their point of view.

Facts 40: Libra can deal with setbacks better than anyone else can.

Facts 41: Libra will never back down from a fight.

Facts 42: Libra are not capable of going halfway.

Facts 43: Libra don’t mind the attention after they work hard for something worthy.

Facts 44: Libra : They have an objective nature which keep them from taking sides.

Facts 45: Libra do cry over the same thing again and again.

Facts 46: Libra like to be around people who are fun.

Facts 47: Libra don’t fall in love easily but once they do it’s for real and forever.

Facts 48: Libra like stability, being attracted and time to ponder. They dislike disruption, being pushed and sensory deprivation.

Facts 49: The best thing you can tell Libra is the truth.

Facts 50: No one understands Libra, because…they don’t want anyone in their head.

Facts 51: Libra are very sensitive and can easily become irritated or aggressive.

Facts 52: If you ignore a Libra text, the next one you send is probably getting ignored.

Facts 53: There are no subtle tricks in the Libra nature.

Facts 54: When feeling irritable, a Libra may pull away instead of sticking around and becoming offensive.

Facts 55: Maturity suits Libra better than youth.

Facts 56: As Libra when you have a bad day, you call Pisces.

Facts 57: Libras send good vibes, if we don’t sense the same from you we’ll attempt to change that.

Facts 58: You cannot stop a Libra from loving you.

Facts 59: Libra don’t stay the same. They get better.

Facts 60: When a Libra is quiet, it means they are thinking how to get what they want.

Facts 61: Everything is funnier to Libra when they are supposed to be quiet.

Facts 62: Worst feeling in the world for Libra is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough.

Facts 63: Libra shows love by taking care of you, protecting you, and showing physical affection.

Facts 64: If you need mental stimulation, you go to Libra.

Facts 65: Show your Libra plenty of love and watch how appreciated & loved you’ll feel in return.

Facts 66: Libra life don’t get easier, they just get stronger.

Facts 67: Libra always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.

Facts 68: Libra put efforts to make relationships last forever.

Facts 69: It goes without saying that planning a trip of any kind will please Libra.

Facts 70: Libra seldom glance nervously around the room. When they do, they are no longer interested in conversation.

Facts 71: Libras move at they’re own pace, not yours.

Facts 72: Libra : The bold one who won’t put up with your drama.

Facts 73: Do not try to charm or manipulate Libra. They can smell bullshit a mile away.

Facts 74: Libra need to stop being everything to everyone because you’ll lose yourself in the process of trying to save the world.
Facts 75: From Libra we can learn how to stand up for ourselves.

Facts 76: What makes Libra happy : People listening to them and doing what they say.

Facts 77: There is no point trying to force things on a Libra. They either want it or they dont.

Facts 78: Libra frequently need alone time!

Facts 79: Libra is the best partner to have because they will always keep you satisfied sexually.

Facts 80: Libras are very passionate, they can love with passion and hate with passion.

Interesting facts about libra man

The Libra man is a perfectly balanced specimen of a man. He is the sign of partnership, of equality, and of justice. There are a few interesting facts you should know about libra man.

Facts 1: A Libra man will shamelessly flirt and cajole the object of his affection until she eventually gives in and gives him the attention he has been longing for.

Facts 2: Trust is everything to a Libra man.

Facts 3: The smarter you are, the more a Libra man finds you attractive.

Facts 4: Libra Man: dislikes confrontation, may seem aloof but it’s to keep his emotions at bay; always has a way to make money; spoils himself and others;

Facts 5: When a Libra man loves you, they love you with their entire soul. They will always accommodate to make sure that your happiness comes first.

Facts 6: Libra man will wait years until the right person comes along, leaving friends wondering why someone with their diarm and looks is still single.

Facts 7: Libra man will be romantic, sweet, chivalrous, attentive and painfully charming. He likes being pampered and receiving compliments. He enjoys talking A LOT, and can go on and on for hours. He has a thirst for passion and wants someone who can quench it.

Facts 8: He’s not going to get very deep and personal with you, at least not right away. He’s not going to sacrifice his freedom for anyone, and he won’t be walked all over.

Facts 9: When a Libra man is depressed or in a bad mood, they can become very distant and hard to reach.

Facts 10: Libra man ‘s a very talented individual, with some sort of gift; he often wants his alone time (very important); he’d rather be in a relationship than solo and he won’t hide his partner; he can have a hard time taking responsibility; he will not be as in-tune with your emotions; he likes to socialize and tends to have many friends; he’s rather charming and you’ll feel comfortable around him

Facts 11: Libra man likes to socialize and be in the company of beautiful people; he prefers being in a relationship but flirting is something he does; he can become lazy if he’s dealing with too much at once; alone time is important to him so he can regroup and relax; he knows how to make a person feel comfortable; he is agood listener but not very empathetic

Facts 12: Libra man are most drawn to confident, feminine women.

Interesting facts about libra woman

Being a very social individual, the Libra woman is the kind of person who can make anyone laugh without much effort. She is represented by the scales, ideally weighted, flawless and complete. Libra woman are sociable and have a gift for communication. explore more things about libra woman bellow!

Facts 1: libra woman’s hate quarrels. It pisses them off big time. They are the most peace loving zodiac sign.

Facts 2: The best thing you can do for a libra woman is develop a bond. Nothing else is as precious to them as a secure bond.

Facts 3: A libra woman loves a possessive partner. They crave to be snatched up and kissed out of nowhere for no particular reason. Once you make a Libra feel like they’re only yours, they will forever only be yours.

Facts 4: libra woman ‘s feminine and graceful. Her smile is gorgeous and her eyes are are full of charm and allure. She is very affectionate and sweet, and she is hard not to love. She is a lover of peace, and she needs harmony and happiness in all of her relationships. She believes spoiling your lover is an absolute must.

Facts 5: libra woman  won’t put up with lies or disrespectful behavior. Don’t expect a call from her if you are rude or too controlling. Or if you put too much pressure on her to make a decision.

Facts 6: When a libra woman loves you, they love you with their entire soul. They will always accommodate to make sure that your happiness comes first.

Facts 7: libra woman  are gonna stay pissed until they tell you you’ve pissed them off — thing is, they don’t always say it right away.

Facts 8: libra woman  knows and feels way more than she expressesi she doesn’t like to be “complicated” so she’ll sweep things under the rug more than she should; but when she needs to defend herself, she will; she’s obsessed with love but that’s not the easiest road for her; she’s a thinker and charismatic; her temper may come out of nowhere; she’s stylish and a flirt

Facts 9: libra woman  are very maternal, which is why they are drawn to protect the helpless. These women typically have a strong connection to children and animals.

Facts 10: A libra woman ‘s greatest talents involve their gift of creativity — fashion, music, art, design and decorating are all things a Libra loves.

Facts 11: B How to attract a libra woman – show a genuine interest in them. Don’t overly flatter them and be real as they see through lies. Most importantly, be your authentic self… Libra doesn’t do fake well.

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  1. Really good

  2. My husband is Libra and he has many traits opposite of this list. It just does not fit him,. Not as well so the aquarius list DID fit me.

  3. Number 62 ..”Worst feeling in the world for Libra is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough” —for me its True to a certain extent like school, career, but when it comes to love and relationship, i look at it as the best feeling when i’ve given all of my all and its not enough for the other person, meaning i didnt meet the right person, and im given another chance.

  4. I’m a libra
    and 90% of all this is true

  5. V are twin sisters… N v r librans,everything written bout Libra is true according to us…. V really like it…👍

  6. I love libra because my gf is libra

  7. I love libra because my gf is libra

  8. 95% things written in this fit me verrrryyyy well…..things that doesn’t fit was the talent in dancing and singing……

  9. i am a libra and this described me soooo much

  10. I do Almost everything 90%
    Lol finally I don’t have to explain things its all here

  11. Like 90% of this is so true. I’m so passionate in whatever I do, I’m so creative, I love leadership (it’s a natural thing), and I LOVE doing all the things they listed- singing, dancing, music, acting, art, design, etc. The thing is that I care and love people so much to the point where I forget about myself or they take advantage of me. And so, it’s so hard to find people like me to hangout with.

  12. I’m 100% libra everything they said describe me.

  13. October 7th baby!! Whoever wrote this article was as if they know me personally. Pretty accurate description. I can say that Libra men do not conduct themselves the same the Libra description. I would not consider dating a Libra man based on my experiences with a few.

  14. Another fact, if Libras trust you enough, they will consider you like an emotional support human. They will also get REALLY PISSED if someone tries to take away said emotional support human.

  15. I’m libra and 99% of all this is true. 😍😍😍❤💯💯

  16. Okay so i’m Libra and 97% of this is true.

  17. I am a Libra and some of them are right but some of them are not

  18. The “Fact 80: Libras are very Passionate. They Love with Passion and They Hate with Passion” is very interesting

    When i really hate someone, I always want them to feel like they picked the wrong person to mess with.

    but of course that’s i rarely do. i dont want to be involved in pointless arguments or conflicts.

  19. My dad LOVES snacking on Potato chips!!!!!!! 100% is a libra

  20. I’m a libra girl…. every single word & line matches me every aspect… as if someone is narrating my traits…. its absolutely correct

  21. I’m a libra and this is, well it’s kinda like someones been watching me and knows all my traits because this was exactly correct!

  22. True as a Libra, I agree with 90% of the above mentioned points. The most relatable point for me is:
    Facts 62: Worst feeling in the world for Libra is knowing you did the best you could and it still wasn’t good enough.
    The feeling is worst as you have a desire to be a perfectionist and want everything according to it.It really hurts when you don’t achieve the goals you have for yourself which are really, really high.

  23. I came here because my crush is a Libra HAHAHAHA

    Anyways, a lot of ’em are true tho.

  24. Im a Aries I came here for my sister I want to learn more about her Zombic

  25. Same as my sister

  26. How did they catch everthing?!

  27. Ok, If anyone asks about my personality this is what I’m recommending them to read and people say it’s hard to understand Libras we’re simple they really just don’t care.



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