Interesting facts about pisces

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the Pisces constellation. Pisces is a Water sign and as such this zodiac sign is characterized by empathy and expressed emotional capacity. They are very friendly, so they often find themselves in a company of very different people. They are generous, compassionate and extremely faithful and caring… More understand them by over 80 interesting facts about pisces by 21facts.

80 Interesting facts about pisces personality

Facts 1: Pisces sexuality is one that is fantasy-driven, spiritual, emotional and at times, creative.

Facts 2: Pisces look sweet and shy but they have a very wild side and are up to anything.

Facts 3: And make no mistake, a Pisces woman, if she is disappointed, will not hesitate to deceive.

Facts 4: AQUARIUS, however, is much more cerebral than PISCES, who is essentially intuitive and emotional.

Facts 5: A Pisces just wants to make you happy.

Facts 6: “It is what it is” never flies with a Pisces cause it’s always more to the obvious.

Facts 7: Pisces always come up on a come up!

Facts 8: Pisces love to feel loved.

Facts 9: Pisces sympathy is infectious.

Facts 10: Crazy how 140 characters can describe a Pisces.

Facts 11: Pisces, remember that most of us are always doing the best we can, in the best ways we know how. Judgement and finger-pointing isn’t in us

Facts 12: Pisces gets destructive when unhappy.

Facts 13: Typically people feel at ease and at first glance they see Pisces as quiet and reserved but further talking they feel right at home with them

Facts 14: The best way to turn a Pisces on is by rubbing and sucking their feet.

Facts 15: Pisces care about their friends.

Facts 16: Pisces can read your thoughts and they’ve been observing your energy, mood and body language since you walked through the door.

Facts 17: Pisces hardly hates, unless you’ve hurt him/her really badly.

Facts 18: Pisces hate when they get a text saying “Wussup stranger”… Like for real!!! phones work both ways

Facts 19: Pisces women are hard to catch but once you have her heart, she wont be going anywhere any time soon.

Facts 20: Pisces are very secretive, you can trust them with your innermost secrets.

Facts 21: “If a Pisces woman loves you, she will enjoy being put on a leash, pushed down onto all four and ordered to do whatever you ask.”

Facts 22: Pisces tend to escape into fantasy and day dreams. There they are free.

Facts 23: The best revenge for a Pisces is NEVER allowing that person to come back into their LIFE !

Facts 24: For a Pisces, falling in love is very hard, staying in love is a challenging, letting go is very hard, and moving on is the deepest.

Facts 25: PISCES may want more intimacy, affection, and emotional closeness than AQUARIUS wants, or is capable of giving.

Facts 26: Pisces have beautiful minds

Facts 27: Pisces unknowingly observe many things that others do not notice because their minds are constantly wondering- they are dreamers.

Facts 28: Pisces, the over-thinker who over-thinks the thought of over-thinking…

Facts 29: Pisces are some of the loyalist friends until you crosses us, then it’s like we never knew you!

Facts 30: Pisces, you will find yourself being walked on or over in all manner of ways.

Facts 31: Pisces are good listeners and its helps them see through the lies.

Facts 32: Pisces do not get angry, they get cold.

Facts 33: Don’t take their kindness for weakness. They may seem sweet, but they have a dark side that you don’t want to bring out.

Facts 34: Pisces just wanna have fun!

Facts 35: Pisces can become great artists and storytellers. also have the power to grasp various details of something that ordinary ppl tend to miss

Facts 36: Pisces can never put their emotions in words, they use music to explain their feelings.

Facts 37: Pisces are good at reading ppl because they see with their 3rd eye…

Facts 38: “Don’t just tell me you ”“Love me”“ but show this Pisces, so i know it’s REAL !!!”

Facts 39: Pisces are popular due to their easygoing, affectionate, and submissive nature.

Facts 40: A lot of Pisces tend to create a shield of “Leave me alone” cause it takes a lot for us to let people in our circle.

Facts 41: A Pisces is always thinking about the future, in every situation.

Facts 42: Dont get upset if your Pisces date acts like they love everyone. It’s not true in a sexual way, it’s just their nature to love everything.

Facts 43: Pisces can see your BEAUTY even when you don’t and expose it.

Facts 44: No one can truly understand what goes on in a Pisces mind, it’s too complex for even them to understand.

Facts 45: “Pisces are NOT the drama engaging type, and will be the peace maker in a lot of situations.”

Facts 46: Pisces don’t expect much… just be REAL!

Facts 47: A Pisces can go from caring deeply to being very detached easily; fish are skittish.

Facts 48: Pisces over-analyze absolutely everything.

Facts 49: Pisces know what is good for them but they still go after the bad.

Facts 50: As friendly as they can be a Pisces doesn’t let just anyone get super close.

Facts 51: Pisces constantly evolve and don’t fear change.

Facts 52: A Pisces can be patient, but their mind will still do what it pleases..

Facts 53: Pisces are sensitive and prefer a happy fairy tale over cold reality.

Facts 54: Pisces love to love and be loved over anything, but they hide it well.

Facts 55: Pisces over thinks every detail.

Facts 56: It takes a while for the sensitive Pisces to relax. That’s why foreplay takes extra long with them.

Facts 57: A Pisces female is likely to be dearly loved by anyone she befriends or even works with.

Facts 58: Pisces love can turn worst enemies to best friends, and best friends into lovers

Facts 59: Your mean words have a stronger effect on the sensitive Pisces

Facts 60: Pisces have a great ability to encourage others but are super hard on themselves.

Facts 61: Pisces are always there for other People and their problems but when we’re hurt we tend to shut down from the World!!

Facts 62: Pisces are like tattoos…once they’ve touched your heart, they become a permanent part of you!

Facts 63: If a Pisces has ever cared for you, chances are they still do.

Facts 64: NOTHING! i mean nothing, goes unnoticed with a Pisces.

Facts 65: Pisces believe everything happens for a reason, and makes us realize what’s REALly important.

Facts 66: Pisces often feel like they are being pulled in different directions, making it difficult to… make concrete decisions.

Facts 67: Pisces are harder on themselves than anyone else

Facts 68: Pisces are strong fighters, even though they seem weak and….dependable, they are inner superheroes.

Facts 69: All Pisces have a deeply important friend or family member they use to keep them centered and grounded.

Facts 70: Pisces have the ability to love you more than you can ever imagine.

Facts 71: Pisces enjoy making deep, intimate, emotional connections. That is water for their soul.

Facts 72: Pisces and Leo share a deep bond that most will not understand

Facts 73: Pisces are very OPEN ppl but always very private at the same time.

Facts 74: Pisces are always making up bad things in their head and overthinking. This usually puts them in a bad or confused mood.

Facts 75: A Pisces born on March 1 has strong views on morality yet does not confuse them with deeper, spiritual truths.

Facts 76: Pisces misses many good opportunities due to laziness and absent mindedness.

Facts 77: When a Pisces fed up, no matter how you beg her/him, there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

Facts 78: Pisces is very broadminded and does not criticize others for their faults. They know how to accept people for what they are.

Facts 79: As friendly as they can be, a Pisces doesn’t let just anyone get super close.”

Facts 80: No Pisces likes to be lied to. Don’t cheat them in any way!

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  1. Do you know me?? Lol!
    This is dead on and I’ve known that A a child.
    Made my day

  2. All of these are true except 2 and I honestly thought I was the only one that did these things, but I’m so glad that I know this is common

  3. Its truee..i thought that someone was telling about mee…its just superb!!

  4. This is so accurate!wow!so I’m not alone in this world.

  5. Facts 44 is soooo true

  6. Half of these are true to me. I was born on the 11tg of march but half are no way the truth. I would judge people. Don’t sterotype

    • I was just reading the one for Leo and I thought it was pretty accurate so I wanted to read my boyfriends. And when I think about it it’s so true they always say how incompatible the two are but I think the opposite personalities balance each other perfectly. They are both passionate in their own way and that’s what makes them great

  7. As a Pisces I find some of these insulting. You won’t be able to put me on a leash and tell me what to do while on all fours just because I love you. I demand respect.

  8. I am continuously searching online for posts that can assist me. Thanks!

  9. I’m a Pisces girl and most of the facts above doesn’t match to my character. in the name of Pisces facts there’s lots of rubbish here especially that putting the leash on a Pisces woman as if love can turn a Pisces girl to dog! wtf??? in real, I can turn my lover into a dog putting a leash on him and can order him whatever makes me feel good. so research hard before just writing anything as facts. very poorly researched!

    • I agreed . Rubbish !


      • im am so sry this is all rubbish facts that’s not tru I didn’t read all of the fact

        IM SO SRYYY!

      • non of these facts are true like turn a pisces and by rubbing and sucking their feet ive would of been discusted

  10. most facts are complete rubbish especially that putting on leash as if a Pisces woman turns into a puppy when in loved! seriously very foolishly written. Do research wisely and improve your writing.

  11. These are absolutely apt for the Pisces. The facts are completely agreeable..

  12. Wow, you hit it right on the nose! that’s me!

  13. I’m Leo,I have a Pisces sibling and let me tell you a little bit about them.. When you grow tired of their over and over again and over every damned day! It’s gets tuff to be in their presence they are so negative and belittling of others and they ain’t no better if you ain’t listening to the hell you get dumped they will trash you in every way and to hear them say I’ll slice you with my sword tongue oh they do a good job of that alright but dare you defend yourself. I whipped their ass then and would love to knock their fucking brains out of their deceiving, kniving, thieving I’m better than you head. They cut you and everyone else down never a good thing to say about anyone !! They will run you down to their friends right in front of you is one thing but to your own Children!! I’d never do to them the sketchy things the have done to me done to me . They always get mad at you even if you haven’t done one thing wrong to them. Well it’s over and done kiddo you made your bed and your going to lie in it. They exaggerate and add to. They have done me unjust since we were little. As an adult I see you are toxic!!! I feel sorry for you, you’ve lost your siblings due to your titbaby actions.weve all blocked you but wait a minute now your worse because we’ll have to pay for that too huh. Grow up!! PISCES SUCK!! SULKIE LITTLE TWO FACED SHITS!! CANNNNNOT KEEP MOST SUPRISES. RUNS EVERYONE OUTTA TOWN ONCE THEY LEARN WHO THEY REALLY ARE.LOL!!! THEY WAKE UP STARTING THEIR DAY JUST LIKE THIS BITCHING AND WOE IS ME😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  14. I totally agree with the part where you can’t talk us out of anything when we are fed up! CAUSEEE that’s what’s happening right now!

  15. Yeah true 2 sum extent bt nah cnt put me on d leash nd drive me rund gt it al wrng im mre clsr 2 aquarius personality dan mst of wat uve writn chk wel 4 d pisean woman traits.

  16. um, i hate my feet being touch let alone massaged or sucked…..

  17. i love getting my feet rubbed and sucked.

  18. this is trash. none of this is true. no offence!

  19. I believe some of that because I’m a Pisces and it’s just me it what I do and who i am I connect with most of these facts I’m like wow that’s me😳

  20. idk wwhy people are saying this is not who they Are bc this perfectly decribes me and my life althoughh i dont want my feet to be sucked on

  21. I hope you know that these arent 100% accurate, there’s real world things that would make you see things a different way, maybe a sagitarious would act like a leo. This isn’t really just made for you, it’s a base belief that will get the majority of the people that are pisces, and this is coming from a pisces

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