Interesting facts about Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius is a social media star who has earned over 1.1 million Twitter followers and more than 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube, 7 million followers on Instagram and more than 14 million fans on through his lip sync videos of popular songs. He also reached over 1,000,000 followers on Vine. Here are all Jacob Sartorius facts you need to know about him.

1, Where is Jacob Sartorius born?

Jacob Sartorius was born on October 2, 2002, in Oklahoma, U.S. He has a sister is Caroline Sartorius. His birth parents were unable to take care of him and then adopt and move to Reston, Virginia.

2, How old is Jacob Sartorius?

His birthday is October 2, 2002, and now ( 2017 ) he is 14 years old.

3, What is his phone number?

Jacob Sartorius phone number is (323) 546-6164. If you want to contact him there are some way to do that:

  • Twitter-@jacobsartorius
  • Instagram-@jacobsartorius
  • Vine-Jacob.Sartorius
  • @Jacobsartorius or  @hiplikejacob
  • Snapchat-@JacobSartorius
  • Facebook-@jacobsartorius

3, Does he has a girlfriend?

He wants to have a girlfriend when he was 13.

In the Jacob Sartorius facts, he has a girlfriend – Luna Blaise  – the girl from his “Sweatshirt” music video – you may recognize her from “Fresh Off The Boat”

4, Sartorius began acting in musicals at age 7.

5, He uploaded his first online video to Vine at 11 years old in In 2014. The video, which was a message about anti-bullying, went viral and began his fame on social media. After regularly posting videos to Vine, Sartorius become wildly popular on the app.

6, In 2016, He had to switch schools three different times in 2015 due to getting “verbally attacked, pushed, and teased” by classmates.

7, He has over 2,170,000 subscribers on youtube and 7,2 million people following him on Instagram, as of 2016.

8, His height is 1.65 meters in 2016

9, He became close friends with fellow web star Cameron Dallas

10, At 13 years old, Sartorius found himself embroiled in a scandal that involved an allegedly inappropriate photo solicitation

11, Jacob Sartorius can wiggle his ears

12, His Vine account includes challenges he has completed, including the popular ‘Don’t Judge’ challenge.

13, Although he became famous through his lip syncing, fans heard his real vocals when he covered John Legend’s hit ‘All of Me’.

14, In May 2016, Jacob Sartorius was criticized after a fan videoed him asking to give a message for her three friends. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember the names and moved away from the disappointed fan.

15, On 3rd May 2016, he released his first single, ‘Sweatshirt’. He posted a lyric video of the song to YouTube.

16, He has seven songs are released:

  • Last Text
  • By Your Side
  • Bingo
  • Love Me Back
  • Jordans
  • All My Friends
  • Hit Or Miss
  • Sweatshirt

17, He released his third single, “All My Friends,” on his 14th birthday.,

18, Jacob Sartorius has allegedly been asking fans for nudes

19, He’s “cute”. So, obviously, his fans are young girls.

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  1. Angel Marie Hilliard

    Jacob is really cute! I seen really mean and hurtful comments about him! It made me mad cuz I like him and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this! He done nothing but make people happy, so he don’t need to be bullied! I also been bullied and I hated it!

    #team Jacob Sartorius❤️❤️❤️

  2. omg im about to call jacob such a fan brb😂😃😄😬😆😧😥dont know what to say

  3. Angel Marie Hilliard I also read those mean comments about him. Plus you are right he doesn’t deserve being treated hurtful.

  4. Hes such a handsome boy ive been supporting him since 2015 and i really like him hes so cute and he doesnt deserve this hate , #teamjacobsartorius im against bullying i git bullied for two years and it was horrible we love you jacob stay strong #ily #rjs

  5. TBH i am really obsess with Jacob like literally i have his PHONE NUMBER and if you guys ever talk shit about Jacob Sartorius again… Then Catch Me Outside How Bout That JKN… BUT NEVER TALK SHIT ABOUT HIM AGAIN….

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