Top 10 Interesting Facts About Iron Fist

Iron Fist (Daniel “Danny” Rand) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Below are Top 10 Interesting Facts About Iron Fist

Top 10 Facts About Iron Fist

Fact 1

Danny Rand debuted as Iron Fist in Marvel Premier #15 in 1974. The story was called The Fury of Iron Fist. 

Fact 2

Danny is the son of a successful entrepreneur called Wendell Rand. When Danny was a boy, Wendell took him, his wife, and his friend, Harold Meacham, on an expedition in the icy mountains to find the mystical land of K’un L’un. However, Meacham was in love with Wendell’s wife, Heather, and he dropped Wendell off the mountain to his death. When Heather rejected Meacham, he abandoned her and Danny to die in the freezing cold. Heather realized that the only way she and her son could survive was if they found K’un L’un. After being chased by a pack of wolves, Heather believed that there is no way she could outrun them. She threw herself to the wolves, believing her sacrifice would slow them down enough so Danny could find K’un L’un. 

Fact 3

Danny managed to find K’un L’un; a land populated by mystical warriors who can channel their life energy into raw power. They utilize this ability to turn themselves into living weapons. 

Iron Fist Fact: Danny managed to find K’un L’un

Fact 4

He was trained for ten years at K’un L’un to become the best fighter possible. 

Fact 5

His teacher was known as Yu-Ti the Thunderer (not be mixed up with Jerry Carstairs who goes by that superhero name as well.) Yu-Ti’s birth name is Lei-Kung. The Thunderer is eventually revealed to be Danny’s uncle. 

Fact 6

Danny obtained the power of the Iron Fist when he punched a dragon in the heart. 

Fact 7

Danny can channel all his chi (life force) into his fist.This allows him to punch with a force strong enough to break through a brick wall or solid metal. 

Iron Fist Fact: Danny can channel all his life force into his fist

Fact 8

Danny challenged everyone at K’un L’un and defeated them all, proving he was the strongest warrior. The inhabitants of K’un L’un rewarded Danny with immortality. Danny rejected this gift to seek out the man who murdered his father. 

Fact 9

When he tracked down his father’s killer, Danny learned that Meachum had lost his legs to frostbite shortly after he deserted Rand’s family. Meachum was so miserable, he begged Danny to kill him. Danny couldn’t kill a cripple and let Meachum live. 

Fact 10

The first supervillain that Iron Fist faced was Scythe. This mercenary wields a scythe on a chain. 

Marvel Premiere #16 (1974)

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