10 Little Know Facts About Vision

The Vision is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is an android and a member of the Avengers. Let’s take a peek at 10 Little Know Facts About Vision

10 Little Know Facts About Vision

Fact 1

The Vision debuted in Avengers #57 in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 in 1940. This was when Marvel was known as Timely Comics. Eventually Timely Comics merged with Atlas Comics to become Marvel Comics. Vision debuted in Marvel Comics in Avengers #57 in 1968. 

Vision fact: Vision debuted in Avengers #57 in 1968

Fact 2

He is a synthetic android. He calls himself a synthezoid. 

Fact 3

He disables electronics by passing his body through them. 

Fact 4

He has complete control over his body’s density which makes him intangible. He can pass through solid matter or make himself incredibly heavy or as hard as diamond. 

Vision fact

Fact 5

He can pass through another person and partially materialize to cause that person excruciating pain. 

Fact 6

Vision was built by a scientist called Phineas Horton under the supervision of Ultron. Ultron intended Vision to be his servant and would help him rule the world. 

Fact 7

His body is made from the first Marvel superhero, an android called The Human Torch. He is not affiliated with the Fantastic Four character of the same name. 

Fact 8

He has a solar cell on his forehead that shoots a beam of microwave radiation in excess of 30,000 degrees Celsius.

Vision fact: He has a solar cell on his forehead

Fact 9

He was created by Roy Thomas, Stan Lee, and John Buscema. Buscema co-created Marvel’s version of the Devil, Mephisto. 

Fact 10

Although he has the body of The Human Torch, Ultron knew Vision couldn’t live without a mind. So where did Vision’s mind come from? Well, this is a bit complicated (even by comic standards.) When the Avenger, Wonder Man, died, his brain patterns were uploaded to an electronic memory bank and eventually uploaded into an android body. Ultron hacked this memory banks and implanted Wonder Man’s mind into Vision. When Vision awoke, the mind of Wonder Man told him that what he was doing was wrong and so, the android betrayed Ultron and became a force of good. 

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