10 Interesting Facts About Thor

Thor Odinson is a character portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Let’s take a peek at 10 Interesting Facts About Thor.

10 Interesting Facts About Thor.

Fact 1

Many people know that Stan Lee created the superhero, Thor. But even die-hard fans don’t realize that Thor debuted in Venus #11 in 1950. This was when Marvel was known as Atlas Comics. Marvel Comics didn’t launch until 11 years later. In this story, the Roman goddess of beauty, Venus, finds a machine that is supposed to transport anyone to “the third dimension.” (That doesn’t make any sense because we live in the third dimension.) Thor only made a brief appearance in this issue and had no resemblance to the way he is depicted in Marvel nowadays. In fact, the comic that Thor debuted in had nothing to do with superheroes; it was a romantic series. It revolved around the goddess, Venus, trying to adapt to life on Earth. She originally lived on the planet, Venus. 

Venus #1 (1948) 

Fact 2

Thor debuted in Marvel Comics in Journey into Mystery #83 in 1962. 

Fact 3

Originally, Journey into Mystery revolved around horror stories. Journey into Mystery #1 debuted in 1952. The first story revolved around a man who sold flowers that he stole from graves. Eventually, the dead returned to retrieve their flowers. Somehow, the comic went from that to Thor. After Thor appeared in Journey into Mystery, the comic revolved around him until it concluded in 1966. 

Journey into Mystery #1-125 (1952-1966) 

Fact 4

Thor was the God of Thunder in the heavenly kingdom of Asgard until his father, Odin, banished him to Earth for his arrogance. To deprive him of his godlike strength, his mind was put in the body of a disabled doctor called Donald Blake. Blake had such a bad limp, he couldn’t walk without a cane. Odin rid Thor of his memory while he inhabited the body of Donald Blake so he had no idea that he was an Asgardian. He could only reclaim the power of Thor if he proved himself to be worthy. 

Thor #159 (1968) 

Fact 5

In the film, Thor, Odin banishes his son to Earth after he nearly initiated a war with the Frost Giants. In the comics, Thor was banished because he started a brawl in a bar after he won an arm-wrestling contest. I wish they put that in the movie. 

Thor fact: Thor vs Frost Giants

Fact 6

He can open chasms in the Earth. 

Thor #4 (2007) 

Fact 7

Thor’s power derives from his magical hammer, Mjolnir. Mjolnir can only be lifted by one who is worthy enough to wield its immense power. 

Fact 8

Donald Blake could turn back into Thor by tapping his walking stick onto any flat surface. After Thor reclaimed his power, he disguised himself as Donald Blake to live a civilian life. This “Thor turning into a mortal” concept was scrapped for being unnecessarily complex. 

Fantastic Four #437 (2006) 

Fact 9

Thor is an Asgardian. Asgardian cells are much denser than a human’s. Although he looks like he would weigh about 300lbs, he actually weighs 640lbs. 

Thor fact: Thor is an Asgardian

Fact 10

In Thor’s first appearance, he fought giant rock aliens called Kronans. When Thor defeated the Kronans, they abandoned Earth, assuming that all Earthlings were as powerful as Thor. A Kronan called Korg appears in the film, Thor: Ragnarok. 

Journey into Mystery #83 (1962)

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