Interesting Things You Did’n Know About X-23

X23 is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most commonly in association with the X-Men. Below are 10 facts about X-23

10 facts about X-23

Fact 1

Laura Kinney debuted as X-23 in the television show, X-Men: Evolution. She first appeared in the comics in NYX #3 in 2004. 

Fact 2

She is a clone of Wolverine. Like Wolverine, she has adamantium claws and a healing factor. However, she has two claws in each hand, not three. She also has an adamantium claw in each foot. 

X-23 fact: She has adamantium claws

Fact 3

She was created from a sample of Wolverine’s DNA, which was stolen from the Weapon X complex by a group of scientists. After 22 attempts at creating a clone, the scientists realized that the Y chromosome of the sample was too damaged to create a male clone. When they tried it with the X chromosome, the sample worked perfectly and a female clone was formed. 

X-23 #1-6 (2005) 

Fact 4

She was created in a facility called… The Facility. 

X-23 #1 (2005) 

Fact 5

The scientist that created and raised her exposed her to a “trigger scent.” If she smells this scent, she will automatically go into Kill Mode and murder everyone in her vicinity. 

X-23 #1-6 (2005) 

Fact 6

She was created to kill Wolverine. When Laura came face-to-face with Wolverine, she easily defeated him in battle. However, Laura refused to kill him and instead, told him where she came from. Realizing that Laura had been controlled her entire life, she decided to become an X-Man. 

X-Men #165 (2005) 

X-23 fact: X-23 and Wolverine

Fact 7

She was created by Dr. Zander Rice. Zander Rice is played by Richard E. Grant in the 2017 film, Logan. 

Fact 8

She is played by Dafne Keen in the film, Logan. She has merged with Venom to be an unstoppable killer… more so. 

Edge of Venomverse #1 (2017) 

Fact 9

Rice’s father was part of the Weapon X program and was killed by a fleeing Wolverine. 

Fact 10

Rice forced a doctor called Sarah Kinney to carry the embryo that would become X-23. When X-23 realized how utterly evil Rice was, she stabbed him to death. Before Rice died, he activated her trigger scent and she instinctively killed her “mother,” Sarah. As a sign of respect and honor, she took on Sarah’s surname, Kinney, as her own.

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