Interesting Facts About Drax

Interesting Facts About Drax

Drax, also known as Drax the Destroyer, is a former intergalactic criminal and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Below are 10 Interesting Facts About Drax

Fact 1

Drax debuted in Iron Man #55 in 1973. This was the same issue that Thanos debuted in. 

Fact 2

Despite his appearance, Drax is human. His real name is Arthur Douglas. 

Captain Marvel #32 (1974) 

Fact 3

Years ago, Arthur Douglas was driving his car with his family when Thanos’ spaceship flew by. Thanos was planning a secret attack on Earth and couldn’t risk having any witnesses so he blew up Arthur’s car, killing him and his family. Thanos’ father, Mentor, oversaw this heinous act and believed Arthur deserved to live. Mentor and his father, Kronos, bonded Arthur Douglas’s spirit with a new body. When Arthur fused with this new form, he became Drax the Destroyer.

 Captain Marvel #32 (1974) 

Fact 4

Kronos wanted Drax to destroy his own grandson, Thanos. Kronos wiped Drax’s memory of his family as he believed this would make Drax a more focused and efficient killer. When Drax had his memory of his family restored, it gave him more of a drive to destroy Thanos. There is probably no one in the cosmos who hates Thanos more than Drax. 

Drax fact: No one in the cosmos who hates Thanos more than Drax. 

Fact 5

It is later unveiled that Arthur Douglas’ daughter, Heather, survived Thanos’ attack on Douglas’ family. She eventually became known as Moondragon. When Moondragon was introduced, she was known as Madam MacEvil. (Did a four-year-old make that name up?) 

Fact 6

Moondragon was one of the first bisexual characters in comics. She has been romantically involved with Daredevil, Thor, Quasar, Marlo Chandler, and Phyla-Vell. 

Iron Man #54 (1973)

Fact 7

When Drax turned into the Destroyer, he could fly and shoot energy fields. He also had the ability to instinctively know when Thanos is nearby. 

Silver Surfer #35 (1990) 

Fact 8

When he was in his Destroyer form, Drax was purple and green, stood 7ft 4, and weighed 1,050lbs. 

Drax fact: He was in his Destroyer form

Fact 9

Eventually, his Destroyer body was compromised and he had to take on a new form. His new form has green skin and is covered in red scarred tattoos (which is how he appears in the Marvel films.) Although he is not as big and strong, he’s much faster and efficient at killing. He lost his ability to fly and shoot energy fields in his latest form. His ability to locate Thanos has also changed. Instead of being able to sense Thanos’ presence, he can sense when others have been in recent contact with Thanos. 

Silver Surfer #35 (1990) 

Fact 10

He sells his blood to aliens because it “acts as a powerful hallucinatory stimulant when ingested by some species. Folks are lining up for it.” 

Guardians of the Galaxy–Mother Entropy #1 (2017)

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