Interesting facts about Booster Gold

Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Dan Jurgens, the character first appeared in Booster Gold #1 (February 1986) and has been a member of the Justice League.

14 Facts about Booster Gold

Michael Jon Carter debuted as Booster Gold in Booster Gold #1 in 1986. 

The character was created by Dan Jurgens. Jurgens is most famous for writing the story where Superman was killed by Doomsday. In fact, Booster Gold was the one who gave Doomsday his name. 

He was born in the 25th century. 

He was a gifted athlete and used to be an excellent football player. His nickname as a footballer was Booster. 

Michael intentionally gambled on himself losing in football matches. When he was caught, Michael was removed from the team. Trying to make ends meet, Michael took a night job at a museum full of advanced technology. 

Desperate for recognition, Michael used a time machine from the museum to travel to the 20th century. He uses his knowledge of the 20th century to this advantage. For example, he knows when a supervillain is going to commit a crime because he read about it in his own timeline. As a result, he can stop crimes before they happen. 

He often teams up with the Blue Beetle. 

Michael stole loads of tech from the museum and turned it into a costume to help him become a superhero. With this tech, he possesses the abilities of flight, energy blasts, force fields, and time-travel. 

His sidekick is a little golden orb-like AI robot called Skeets. Skeets has an imprint of all the news headlines for the next 500 years so he tells Booster when crime is going to commence and what he has to do to stop it. 

His time machine doesn’t work based on dates and years. If you told the time machine to send you back to March 30th 2001, nothing would happen. You have to refer to an event for the time machine to work. You would need to say something like “Go back ten minutes before The Riddler killed James Gordon. Not only will it send you back to that time but also to the location of the event. 

His catchphrase is, “I’m the greatest hero you never heard of.” 

His time machine is voice activated so no one can use it except Booster. 

Devastator ripped off Booster Gold’s arm. Don’t worry. His arm got better. 

He has teamed up with The Flintstones. 

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