10 Things you didn’t know about Captain Atom

Captain Atom is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Captain Atom has existed in three basic incarnations. These are some facts you must know about Captain Atom

Facts about Captain Atom


Fact 1

Captain Atom did not start as a DC superhero. Allen Adam debuted as Captain Atom in Charlton Comics’ series, Space Adventures #33 in 1960. 

Fact 2

Allen Adam was accidentally sent into space (somehow) and blown up in a nuclear explosion. The nuclear energy reformed his body and gave him the power to control atomic energy. 

Fact 3

The character was absorbed into DC comics and first appeared in Captain Atom #1 in 1987. This version of the character is called Nathaniel Adam. 

Captain Atom fact: First issue Captain Atom

Fact 4

Although Adam was a respected Air Force officer during the Vietnam War, he was framed for murder and so, was sentenced to death. Colonel Wade Eiling said Adam’s only chance of survival is to volunteer for a dangerous nuclear test. Although it was unlikely Adam would survive, Eiling swore he would receive a presidential pardon if he survived. For the test, Adam was placed in an alien spaceship that was believed to have an indestructible shell. To test its durability, they blasted the ship with a nuclear bomb. Because of the bizarre nature of the ship, the blast caused the vessel’s material to fuse with Adam, turning into a metal-plated being. The nuclear energy also thrust Adam 20 years into the future. Although he went into the experiment in 1966, he found himself transformed into a superbeing in the year, 1986. 

Fact 5

In the 20 years that he was absent, Wade Eiling married Adam’s wife, Angela, and adopted his two children. When Adam returned as Captain Atom, Eiling was worried he would lose his family. Eiling stuck Captain Atom on a rocket and sent it to space, hoping to kill him. Due to his atomic powers, he survived. 

Fact 6

His wife, Angela died in 1982, four years before Adam returned as Captain Atom. He was devastated that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her. 

Fact 7

The material fused with his body is called the Dilustel Armor or Silver Shield. It protects him from most forms of injury. 

Fact 8

Because of the metal that covers his body, Atom states that he weighs three-quarters of a ton. 

Justice League: Generation Lost #6 (2010) 

Fact 9

As Captain Atom, he can alter matter on a molecular level, fly, regenerate, absorb energy, nullify magic, and interface with almost any technology. 

Captain Atom fact

Fact 10

The character was created by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Steve Ditko is best-known for co-creating Spider-Man.

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