Interesting facts about Ant-Man

Overcoming his criminal past, Scott Lang follows in the tiny, yet mighty, footsteps of his predecessor as the size-changing hero known as Ant-Man! (Marvel)

facts about Ant-Man
facts about Ant-Man

10 facts about Ant-Man

Fact 1

Henry “Hank” Pym debuted as Ant-Man in Tales to Astonish #27 in 1962. The first story, The Man in the Ant Hill, was only seven pages long. The comic that he debuted in had other stories including Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Dead Planet, and The Talking Horse. After Ant-Man debuted in his costume, Tales to Astonish mainly revolved around his adventures until it concluded in 1968.

Fact 2

The Tales to Astonish series began as a science-fiction anthology series that served as a showcase for new artists and writers. The first story revolved around a giant lobster.

Fact 3

Hank Pym’s life changed forever when he discovered Pym Particles. These particles can change an object’s size. He made a serum that made him small and another to revert him to normal size. Originally, Hank intended to use the Pym Particles to shrink materials that were to be transported, which would save a fortune in shipment.

Fact 4

He is played by Michael Douglas in the 2015 film, Ant-Man. His nemesis is a robot he built called Ultron.

Fact 5

When Ant-Man shrinks, he is composed of the same amount of atoms but the space inside the atoms shrinks. Because of this, he has the same strength whether he is small or normal-sized.

Fact 6

Egan, James. 1000 Facts about Superheroes Vol. 1 (p. 10). James Egan. Kindle Edition.

Fact 7

Pym developed a helmet that helps him communicate with ants. Ants have the largest brain proportioned to their size (more so than humans) so they are complex enough to be affected by the frequency released by his helmet.

Fact 8

Hank married Janet Van Dyne in Avengers #60 in 1969. Van Dyne is better-known as the superheroine, the Wasp.

Fact 9

In one story, Pym fused with Ultron.

Art-Man Fact: In one story, Pym fused with Ultron.

Fact 10

IGN ranked Hank Pym at #16 in their list of greatest Avengers in 2012 (despite the fact he created the Avenger’s nemesis, Ultron.)

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