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We offer a wide range of important facts about the Nile River. First of all, you can learn about where the Nile River is located, where it begins and ends, its relationship to Egypt in Ancient times, and many other interesting facts. Read on to learn the facts about the Nile River.

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The length of the Niles is 4,132 miles and is widely believed to be the longest river in the world.

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The Nile River passes through the following countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Eritrea, and Kenya.

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Most of Egypts historical sites are located along the banks of this important river.

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In 2004 a group called the White Nile expedition became the first group to completely navigate the Nile River. Their journey began in Uganda and it ended in an area called Rosetta.

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The Nile River Delta is an area where the Nile River ends as it becomes a part of the Meditteranean Sea. This area has a rich agricultural history and boasts a thousand years of farming activity.

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About 40 Million individuals call the Nile Delta region their home.

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The widely-known Rosetta Stone was discovered in the Rosetta community in 1787. This crucial artifact has helps archaeologists understand the ancient hieroglyphics for many years.

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In 1970 the Aswan was built along the Nile to prevent the natural flooding that would wreck havoc on the cropsand other areas. This dam prevents that flooding from occurring.

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