Interesting facts about Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is a social media star who first became known for his Instagram pictures and comedic videos on Vine. There are some interesting facts about Cameron Dallas that we think you will LOVE!

  • 1, His full name is Cameron Alexander Dallas
  • 2,  Cameron Dallas was born on 8th September 1994 in San Bernardino, CA and now he is 22 years old. He is a Virgo.
  • 3, He was raised in Chino, California by his mother Gina Dallas. Sierra Dallas is his sister who also very popular online.
  • 4, He first joined the YouTube world on September 10th, 2012.
  • 5, He later developed a strong following on YouTube with over 5 million subscribers to his self-titled channel.
  • 6, In 2014, he starred in the AwesomenessTV comedy film Expelled and in 2015, he co-starred alongside his friend Nash Grier in the movie The Outfield.
  • 7, In 2016, he began starring on the Netflix series Chasing Cameron.
  • 8, He received a Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Viner in 2014.
  • 9, Cameron was a part of the initial MagCon boys alongside several web stars including Carter Reynolds and Matt Espinosa.
  • 10, He presented the Teen Choice Award for Style Icon alongside Bella Thorne at the TCAs in 2014.
  • 11, His favorite colors are green & blue
  • 12, Cameron is a fan of R&B music
  • 13, He doesn’t like dating tall girls.
  • 14, He likes brunettes.
  • 15, He is always playful with girls.
  • 16, He wants a girlfriend who will try new things with him.
  • 17, If he was a girl, he would date Nash.
  • 18, Cameron likes R & B music.
  • 19, He wants a girl who is funny and makes him laugh.
  • 20, He likes when a girl wears only eyeliner & mascara.
  • 21, His Instagram was hacked, but he got it back.
  • 22, His favorite sport for a girl to play is volleyball.
  • 23, He insults a girl when he likes her.
  • 24, He would date a fan as long as she wasn’t too obsessive.
  • 25, If he had a lot of kids he would want a stay-at-home wife.
  • 26, He makes faces in the mirror.
  • 27, He is an emotional person.
  • 28, He doesn’t like when girls act dumb.
  • 29, His favorite clothing brand is Volcom.
  • 30, He doesn’t care if a girl doesn’t text first.
  • 31, He wants a girl that would make him a better person.
  • 32, His shoe size is 11.
  • 33, He is 5’9.
  • 34, His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • 35, He had braces.
  • 36, He was on crutches.
  • 37, He is a mommas boy.
  • 38, He likes when girls stay on top of things.
  • 39, His favorite show is ‘That 70’s Show’.
  • 40, He waxed his leg, and he got the paper stuck.
  • 41, He thinks it’s okay if a girl has a unique talent.
  • 42, He wants to learn how to dance.
  • 43, He likes Reese’s Pieces.
  • 44, He loves a challenge.
  • 45, His favorite food is chicken enchiladas.
  • 46, Nash is one of his best friends.
  • 47, He likes his space.
  • 48, He thinks that freckles are cute.
  • In 2011, Dallas tweeted that he wanted to be a Calvin Klein model and five years later, he’s a Calvin Klein model.
  • 50, (909) 529-6215 is his phone number!

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