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10th on 21 interesting Facts About Google: Microsoft pays you to use Bing instead of Google.

Exactly one year ago, Microsoft discontinued their product search incentive Bing Cashback. Over the last 9 months or so they’ve been testing the waters with a new way to entice shoppers: Bing Rewards! When I first looked at Bing Rewards back in September, I didn’t bother with a write-up as it required you to install the Bing Toolbar. Sorry, I’m not a fan of adding a tracking device to my browser. Anyway, recently I got an email from Microsoft explaining that they’ve made some changes to the service and it no longer requires their Live Toolbar. Ok fine, let’s take a look. As of this writing, the Bing Rewards is still in “Preview” status, which basically is another word for “Beta” or “Testing”. The preview is scheduled to end by December 31st, 2011 so some of the things we talk about today may change so just keep that in mind.

Bing Rewards Pays You to Use a Google Search Alternative by Austin Krause on

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