Interesting Facts about Stellaris Game

Stellaris Game is a Grand Strategy game beginning at the discovery of faster-than-light travel that focuses on space exploration and empire-building. Martin_Anward (Game Director) shared some new information in a press release titled “Interesting Facts about Stellaris Game”; let’s take a look at it.

  • It’s probably not a good idea to get FTL in the middle of a much more advanced empire’s best mining systems.
  • You can build an alien zoo! o.O
  • Our changelogs are pretty great. – Fixed a CTD when a Fallen Empire established first contact with space cows.
  • There are some quite friendly solar systems out there.
  • Uplifted Species > Main Species. So let’s purge Main Species 🙂
  • The best way to maintain order is to enslave literally everyone. Not so great for your science output though.
  • Extragalactic and -dimensional invaders may be a threat, but also an opportunity for some highly unique tech…
  • You can build sentient spaceships. Preferably named “Frank Exchange of Views.
  • You can name your planets, fleets, ships, leaders and any systems inside your borders along with their planets.
  • I once had a scientist fall in love with a mushroom and elope. Scientist was an insect.
  • AI Ship design is influenced heavily by their personality, which determines which weapon types they prefer.
  • Liberate Planet wargoal ended up creating a robot empire. Unfortunately it’s a bug.
  • Conquering primitive pops will result in a culture shock that reduces production/happiness for decades.
  • Fallen Empires are pretty courteous! Will even warn you before crushing you like a bug.
  • As suggested after yesterday’s stream, you can now see which blockers are clearable.
  • You can attack someone to force them to give chosen planets independence. New independent state has your ethos.
  • For sake of synth equality, the Purge button is tailored to robot pops’ specific needs.
  • Collectivist does not mean Communist and Individualist does not mean Libertarian. You can stop arguing now.
  • By popular demand…
  • All AI personalities have unique dialogue. These guys may or may not frequent r/atheism
  • What’s the only thing better than a Jump Drive? Answer: A Jump Drive that is powered by psionics.

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