Amazing facts about Deadman

Deadman is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics universe. He first appeared in Strange Adventures #205, and was created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino. And below are 10 facts about him.

Deadman Facts

Fact 1

Boston Brand debuted as Deadman in Strange Adventures #205 in 1967. The story was called Who Has Been Lying In My Grave? 

Fact 2

Deadman is a ghost who can fly, go invisible, or pass through solid matter. Deadman can’t directly interact with others unless he possesses someone. 

Fact 3

When Brand was alive, he was an acrobat at a circus. He was one of the greatest aerialists in the world. While Brand was in the middle of an acrobatic feat at the circus, he was shot dead. Instead of moving on to the afterlife, the Hindu god, Rama, allowed his spirit the opportunity to search for his murderer to obtain justice. 

DC Comics Encyclopedia (2008) 

Boston Brand

Fact 4

Boston Brand learned that he was killed by a criminal called Hook as part of an initiation into a society of contract killers. However, this society killed Hook shortly after. This meant that Deadman couldn’t bring him to justice, which meant he couldn’t move on to the afterlife. As a result, he became trapped as a ghost in the world of the living. 

Fact 5

In recent comics, it has been revealed that Hook killed Brand to be initiated into the League of Assassins, which is run by Ra’s Al Ghul. 

Deadman #1 (2018) 

Fact 6

He has dealt with many supernatural beings including the Librarian; an angel that writes down everything about the afterlife. Deadman broke into her library, hoping to learn of his purpose as a wandering specter. 

Deadman #3 (2012) 

Deadman #3 (2012) 

Fact 7

After being dead for over 40 years in the comics, Boston Brand was resurrected by a cosmic being. This left Brand frustrated since he was so used to be being dead, he found it difficult to be alive again. 

Blackest Night #8 (2010) 

Brightest Day #1 (2010) 

Fact 8

The character was created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino. Arnold Drake created the Doom Patrol. 

Fact 9

His twin brother, Cleveland Brown, worked at the same circus as Boston. He was a strongman called Tiny. When Boston died, Cleveland became an acrobat to commemorate his brother’s memory. 

Deadman #1 (2018) 

Fact 10

Upon his travels, he has met a being called the Son of Morning. Many people believe there are two types of angels–Heavenly Angels and Fallen Angels. However, the Son of Morning doesn’t fit in either of these categories. Instead, he left Heaven of his own free will and took residence on Earth. When Deadman met him, the Son of Morning said that Brand could ask him 20 questions about the universe and he would answer every question honestly. Since the Son of Morning has existed since the dawn of creation, Deadman believed he could gain valuable insight in his purpose by speaking to him. 

Deadman #3 (2012)

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