14 Little-Known Facts About Wolverine

Wolverine is a mutant superhero from Marvel Comics and is well-known as a member of both the X-Men and the Avengers. Below are interesting facts about Wolverine.

Wolverine facts

Fact 1

Wolverine debuted in Incredible Hulk #180 in 1974. The story was called And the Wind Howls… Wendigo. 

Fact 2

He calls himself Logan. 

Fact 3

He was born in the 1880s. 

Fact 4

Logan is a mutant with the power to heal extremely quickly. His healing factor makes him age at a slower rate. Although he is over a hundred, he doesn’t look half that age. 

Fact 5

He has heightened senses. His sense of smell is so strong, he can recognize anyone from their scent, even if he met them once. 

Fact 6

He has bone claws underneath his knuckles. He can sheathe and unsheathe them instinctively. 

Fact 7

His brother, John, died when Logan was a young boy. His mother, Elizabeth, was do devastated by the death, she was taken to the mad house. Although she eventually returned home, Elizabeth never mentally recovered. 

Origin #1 (2001) 

Fact 8

Although Wolverine goes by the name of Logan, his real name is James Howlett. Wolverine’s was raised by a wealthy Canadian landowner called John Howlett. John was killed by his groundskeeper, Thomas Logan (who was Wolverine’s real father.) In a rage, Wolverine’s mutation activated, and he sprouted his signature claws. He stabbed Thomas Logan with his claws, killing him. His mother banished James before taking her own life. He took on Logan’s name to protect his identity. 

Fact 9

The first person he ever loved was a girl call Rose. She was his neighbor when he was a kid. He was about to kill someone with his claws when Rose tried to stop him. He accidentally stabbed Rose, killing her. 

Origin #6 (2002) 

Wolverine fact: Wolverine and Rose

Fact 10

Decades ago, Logan volunteered for the Weapon X program; an experiment to create the world’s greatest soldier. The facility erased Logan’s entire memory and grafted an indestructible metal called adamantium to his bones. As soon as he woke up, he attacked the scientists and escaped. When Logan fled from the facility, he had no memory or personality. He was a feral creature without a shred of civility. He was found by the Hudson family who nursed him until he regained his humanity. 

Fact 11

An evil group called The Reavers created a clone of Wolverine and fused it with cybernetics. Although it was designed to take down Wolverine, it turned on its masters and decided to find a life for its own. The cyborg probably has the least intimidating name possible–Albert. 

Hunt for Wolverine–Weapon Lost #1-4 (2018)

Fact 12

The Hudsons, James and Heather, were government agents who worked for Department H. They allowed Logan to join them as an intelligence officer. He also joined their superhero team-Alpha Flight. 

Fact 13

His first mission for Alpha Flight was to kill the Hulk.

Wolverine fact: Wolverine vs Hulk

Fact 14

Alpha Flight gave Logan the codename, Wolverine. This was the first time he was referred to by this name. 

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