14 Cool Things You May Not Know About Hulk

The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in publications by the American publisher Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Below are 14 Cool Things You May Not Know About Hulk

14 Facts About Hulk

Fact 1

Robert Bruce Banner debuted as Hulk in Incredible Hulk #1 in 1963. The tagline for the original comic was, “Is he man or monster or… is he both?” 

Incredible Hulk #1 in 1963

Fact 2

In the early years of Marvel, the most popular superhero was the Fantastic Four character, the Thing. The writers believed readers gravitated towards the monstrous-looking Thing because he was less than perfect. To maximize sales, the writers decided to create another monstrous superhero and came up with the Hulk. 

Fact 3

Bruce was a nuclear physicist conducting gamma radiation experiments. One day, he unleashed a gamma bomb on a field to test its effects. At the last minute, he noticed a teenager called Rick Jones on the field. Bruce ran towards him and pushed into a trench below. At this exact moment, the gamma bomb detonated, leaving Bruce exposed to gamma radiation. The radiation causes Bruce to turn into the Hulk every time he loses his temper. 

Fact 4

Many years later, it is revealed that the gamma bomb was altered by Tony Stark just before it detonated. This means that the Hulk only exists because of Stark. 

Original Sin #3.1 (2014) 

Fact 5

In the first two issues, Bruce Banner didn’t need to lose his temper to become the Hulk. The transformation only happened at night. 

Hulk Fact: Bruce Banner become Hulk

Fact 6

The Hulk was grey in the first issue, not green. However, Marvel realized that grey aged inconsistently, which made Hulk seem black or white in some panels. It was decided from then on that the Hulk would be green. 

Fact 7

Despite his popularity, his original series was cancelled after six issues. The Hulk didn’t become popular until he joined The Avengers. Originally, the writers were hesitant about putting the Hulk in The Avengers since he came from a failed series. 

Fact 8

Victor Hugo’s tale, The Hunchback from Notre Dame, was an influence on the Hulk since both revolve around a misunderstood creature. The Jewish folktale of The Golem is another inspiration for the Hulk. A Golem is an incredibly strong creature that is unable to speak. Although the Hulk is extremely powerful, he has limited intellect and a poor vocabulary. 

Fact 9

He’s nicknamed the Jade Giant, the Green Goliath, the Gray Goliath, the Green Golem, and Mighty Bob. 

Fact 10

Not only is the Hulk the most recognizable superhero in the world, he is the most recognizable character in the world. 

Fact 11

Bruce becomes the Hulk when he is angry. It is unknown what Hulk’s strength limit is. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. 

Hulk Fact: Bruce becomes the Hulk when he is angry

Fact 12

There is a Japanese-themed Marvel universe called the Mangaverse. In this realm, Hulk is a Godzilla-like monster. 

Fact 13

His longtime lover is Betty Ross. His longest rivalry is with Betty’s father, General Thaddeus Ross. Ross hates how his daughter has a relationship with Bruce but he also wants to use the Hulk’s power for militaristic purposes. 

Fact 14

Hulk punched through reality (even though that doesn’t even make sense.) 

Incredible Hulk #135 (1971)

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