5 Big Interesting facts about Fallout 4 Game

It’s been quite some time since Bethesda released a new episode of their famed RPG franchises. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out four years ago, while Fallout 3 released seven years ago; Fallout: New Vegas five years ago, true, but that was made by Obsidian Entertainment.

It’s understandable that RPG fans are a little anxious about Fallout 4’s imminent release, then. Today, Bethesda shared some new information in a press release titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fallout 4”; let’s take a look at it.

Better Alone Than Accompanied?

At least a dozen companions have been confirmed for Fallout 4, among which a loyal dog, a philanthropist outlaw and a robot butler. A wide range of opportunities indeed, but what made Fallout 3 really special was the loneliness. Humanity had been almost wiped away, and you were one of the few survivors: a sensation that spread through you while you roamed the hostile Wasteland. Even in Fallout 4 you’ll be able to be alone if you want and not only you won’t be penalized, you’ll actually get access to some exclusive perks.

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