8 Interesting Facts To Discover In The History Of Cars

Undoubtedly, cars and engines have been changing the way people can reach distant places. Let’s close our eyes and imagine, for a while, how it looked like to live in an era where there weren’t any cars at all… Everything would seem much more complicated and, what’s even worse, time-demanding.

Now, let’s get back to our days… Yeah, it’s evident that the advent of cars made a big difference in history! Today we can reach places by car that are miles away in no time, not to mention that the newest car models offer a high-class level of comfort like nobody could even imagine a decade ago!

A Voyage Into The Automobile History

The bottom line is that before to get to the current level of high-tech functionalities and stylish design that the newest car models offer, the automotive history was first crossed by important changes, steps and facts that possibly not everyone out there knows. In order to offer you a practical insight into this attractive side of history, we’ve found out some most interesting facts to show you:

  1. Hitler ordered Porsche to produce a particular car model, called Volkswagen, which became the iconic car during that time in Germany.
  2. In 1971, the Indian Prime Minister requested Suzuki to produce a specifìc car model which was meant to become the typical car for all Indians.
  3. Rolls Royce is commonly connected to the image of luxury limousines: at its beginning, the company produced only car and airplane engines.
  4. A Mercedes-Benz car model was the world’s most expensive car ever sold at an auction: $30 million in 2013 against the old record held by Ferrari Testa Rossa sold for $16.4 million.
  5. Henry Ford, before to become the worldwide popular car manufacturer, used to repair old cars for his friends, by using very primitive tools.
  6. Funny to think that in 1916, over half of the existing cars were made by Ford.
  7. The car brand Volkswagen used to name several car models after “winds”, like Passat, Polo, Jetta that are names of winds in the German language.
  8. The first cars used a lever to steer, very much like using a gaming joystick!

As you can see, the history of cars is made of interesting yet almost unknown facts – and there are even more that we might mention here. Very attractive facts to know might explain why the car engines evolved as they did instead of being built in a different way, for example.

It Seems Like You Can’t Avoid A Car Lockout Emergency

Although the enhancements in the automotive industry, it still stays a truth that certain car emergencies can’t be avoided at all or, at least, you can’t predict when you will have to face a car emergency.

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Electrical And Mechanical Car Parts

Cars and engines are somehow wonderful things to explore – have you ever tried to look at a car engine closely? You have certainly noticed so many pistons and valves, cables, and many more metal components. each component in an engine has its role.

Probably, you don’t know that one of the most common car engine trouble is about the electrical system: today’s car models use much more electrical components than mechanical ones and electrical parts are way more sensitive to certain weather or usage conditions than mechanical parts.

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