Interesting facts about Donald Trump

5th on 21 interesting Facts About Donald Trump: Trump had over $1.4 billion in assets and owed $265 million in debt most of which appears to be mortgages, broadly considered to be healthy debt.

The report shows his assets to be worth at least $1.4 billion, including at least $70 million in stocks. Trump carries debt of at least $265 million.

It’s impossible to tell from the documents exactly how much Trump is worth because the figures are detailed in broad ranges, with the top category being “more than $50 million.” Trump has complained that the forms aren’t adequate to reflect his wealth. The form shows that real estate holdings form the core of his assets and provide much of his income, with a wide array of branding and marketing deals providing tens of millions more. The deals include more than $1 million from licensing Trump’s name in Turkey, at least $1 million in men’s wear licensing royalties and $5 million from a developer in Panama.


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