Interesting Facts about your Dogs

20th on 21 interesting Facts About Dogs: 30,000 dogs a day are slaughtered in China for meat and fur.

Animal rights campaigners have released pictures and video footage which appear to show dogs being clubbed to death at an abattoir in China.

Investigators for Animal Equality said they gained access to slaughterhouses in Zhanjiang and Leizhou, which it says are used, with others, to kill tens of thousands of dogs every day.

The meat, which some Chinese believe has medicinal properties, is sold for up to 40 yen (£4.20) per 500g at stalls in Zhanjiang, investigators said.

Animal Equality says more than 10 million dogs are killed every year in China, although other estimates put the number at closer to 16 million.


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  1. I really glad to know about these facts. Thanks a lot.

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