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7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Casino Games

The State of the States: The AGA Survey of the Commercial Casino Industry released by the American Gaming Association in 2018 has studied the impact of commercial casinos in the 24 states where gambling is legal. According to the report, the commercial gaming industry has generated $40.28 billion in gaming revenue in the previous year. This had led to a sustained rhythm of the job growth and other economic benefits – things you, as a player, may have never thought about.

Gambling has been a part of our lives since the dawn of time, dating back to ancient China where the very first pioneers of today’s games of chance were discovered on tiles. Egyptian excavations revealed the oldest dice in the history of the humankind. The Greeks and the Romans appear tohave entertained themselves betting on animal fights.

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If you would like to learn a few more interesting facts about gambling and casino games, keep reading.

Fact #1: The First Games Of Card Date Back To The 9th Century

The popular games of cards that all the casinos in the world are currently offering to players appear to date back in China, in the 9th century. It is not clear what kind of games have been played. The cards did not look like today’s decks of cards. They featured human forms and it is only when they reached Europe that they started to display the symbols we are used to now.

Fact #2: The ‘River’ Card In All Decks

The term is used to refer to the 5th card in poker, and it originates in players’ riverboat gambling in the U.S. Gamblers planning to cheat used to hide a card up their sleeve and use it as replacement for a poor fifth card. If the player was caught red-handed, he was thrown into the river. Hence, the name of the card.

Fact #3: Keno Helped Build The Great Wall Of China

The mesmerizing wall that can be seen from outer space was built with the help of profits generated by Keno gambling. The game was invented in China and it appears that all of the 5,500 miles of the wall were built with the help of cash derived from the game. Yet another example of the powerful impact of gambling on society.

Fact #4: King Henry VIII Lost The St. Paul’s Cathedral  Bells on a Game Of Dice

King Henry VIII was one of the most devoted gamblers that England has ever had. He loved to bet on sports, including archery, but he also enjoyed to play dice and card games together with his closest friends. Luck was not always on his side. For two straight years, his losing streak went up to £3,250, which was a lot for the times he lived in. One of the things he remained famous for is the fact that he wagered the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral – and loss. It all happened over just one toss of dice.

Fact #5: Super Big Bertha Is The World’s Largest Slot Machine

While you may automatically think of a round-figured woman, this is actually the name of the largest slot machine on the planet. It features 8 reels, 2.5 meters tall and 2 meters wide. It dates back to the 50s, when it was built its estimated value is $150,000. And the probability of hitting the jackpot money was 1 in 25 billion.

Fact #6: Cigarettes And Beer As A Jackpot

The first slot machine ever to be built was based on the game of poker. Players were allowed to wager a nickel and receive 5 reels featuring 50 card faces spinning. The machine was controlled with the help of a lever – thus the one-armed bandit name these machines took. The jackpots did not come in the form of thousands of dollars, but beers and cigarettes.

Fact #7: Aristotle Played Craps

The ancient Greek philosopher was always busy trying to prove a theory no matter if it had something to do with physics, biology, or ethics. What few people know, he once used the game of craps to prove the probabilities of dice. He wrote down a guide on dice probabilities, which helped him play craps flawlessly, without having to use any cheats.

If all this casino and gambling talk has made you thirsty for a game of craps, poker, or roulette, pick up your smartphone, or use your laptop, and choose a couple of top rated online casinos. Make sure you read a couple of reviews before you join a venue and take full advantage of good welcome bonus deals and a rich selection of games.


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