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7 Surprising Facts About Home Security

Probably one of the most surprising “facts” one could learn about the safety of their home is to discover that someone has broken into it in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, close to 5000 people go through this shock on a daily basis in the United States alone. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for issuing these alarming numbers. If your home has not yet been visited by an uninvited guest, it probably means that the neighborhood burglars haven’t reached your street so far. With one burglary occurring every 18 seconds, it might be a good idea to start taking some measures to keep potential intruders at bay.

These next few facts about home security and burglars should help you see the bigger picture and understand the true extent of the threat. Without further ado, find out what are 7 of the most surprising facts about the security of your home.

Fact #1: Burglars Don’t Like Home Alarms

According to a report issued by the University of North Carolina, it would appear that around 60% of all convicted burglars stated that the mere sight of a security system convinced them to move on to their next victim.

Yard signs and window stickers are also excellent deterrents against burglars.

Fact #2: Most Security Systems Work During Power Outage

Even older, more traditional security systems for homes rely on low voltage. Most of them come with large backup batteries and generators. There are also solar-powered alarms that eliminate the need to use electrical power.

Fact #3: 35% Of Burglars Use The Front Door

Home intruders are not as shy as you might think when it comes to making their way into your home. Never sleep with your front door unlocked and always double check any side or backdoor, windows included.

If you are not sure that your current locks can protect you the best way possible, see that you get in touch with a local locksmith. Ask them to assess your locks and alarm system and recommend the best upgrades or repairs. Opt for wireless, electronic locks that can be controlled with the help of a keypad, or step into the future and start managing the access to your home via your smartphone. This way, you should be able to check the state of your locks from the comfort of your bed.

Fact #4: Most Homes Get Burglarized During The Day

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is the time frame that home burglars seem to appear. Everyone is either at work or in school, so they are less likely to be caught in the act or spotted by a nosy neighbor.

Be clever about it. Create the illusion that there is someone in your house throughout the day. Leave a radio or a TV on, or install a smart home system and start controlling your home appliances phone or laptop while you are away at work or school. Remember the louder, the better.  

Fact #5: Motion Sensor Lights Will Increase The Security Of Your Home

Figure out what are the best places to install your motion detecting lights and let them do their job. They will most likely startle burglars, especially if they are used together with a top-notch security system installed by a professional locksmith or a security company.

Fact #6: Sturdy Locks And Good Alarms Can Cut Your Insurance By 20%

Homeowner’s insurance can go down drastically once you install a preferred lock and best alarm systems that are currently available in the industry. The catch is to install a security system that can protect all of your doors and windows. You may be able to get a tax deduction if you happen to work from home. Find out how much new door lock installation costs and get in touch with a reliable service in town. Schedule an appointment and let them assess your property from the inside out and make the best recommendations. You could be advised to simply re-key old locks that are showing signs of fault, or have them replaced with sturdier versions. Of course, the changes you are willing to make will also depend on the size of your budget. Just keep in mind your safety should be a top priority no matter what.

Fact #7: Close To 90% Of Burglaries Can Be Prevented

No matter if it’s a premeditated burglary or a sudden act performed by an opportunist neighborhood thief, you could prevent it. Even the most basic burglar alarm could help you do it. With the right security system and the best door and window locks possible, you can avoid becoming part of the statistics.


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